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Benjamin Goldman Law Office*

The Benjamin Goldman Law Offices is a law firm dedicated solely to defending New York traffic tickets. Our Far Rockaway office is devoted to fighting Long Island traffic tickets. Our firm will try to get your ticket dismissed, get the best possible plea deal, and go to trial if necessary. Feel free to contact us to find out about your ticket.

Point Reduction Or Money Back Guarantee*

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office has a track record of success. Our firm is confident that motorists with traffic tickets will be better off if they retain our law firm. For most tickets our firm offers a Point Reduction or Money Back Guarantee. This means if we cannot reduce the points we will refund your legal fee in its entirety. Call the Benjamin Goldman Law Office to find out if your ticket is eligible for the Point Reduction or Money Back Guarantee.
 *  We offer a  money back  guarantee if we cannot reduce the points. We do not guarantee results. 
  * Money Back Guarantee does not apply to misdemeanor or felony charges.